Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trying something new...

I am scared of gravy.

It is true.
I acquired this fear from my father.

Okay, well, I am not actually scared of gravy, per se. But, I am terrified of making gravy.

Let me start over.
My father can do anything. The man's skills know no limit. He can build a pole shed alone with his bare hands and a few tools. He can sew together quilt squares with engineer's precision. He can shoot a wild hog, then grind up the meat for sausage. The man is amazing.

But.... He can't make gravy. It's true. So, I figured if my Daddy, who can do anything, can't make gravy, it must be impossible, right? How could I, a mere mortal who can't build a pole shed or shoot a wild hog (although I have shot a rattlesnake☺) make gravy if my talented father can't do it?
Guess what? I can make gravy! I'd talked myself out of it for years, and all my attemps were miserable failures. I figured that gravy and I just weren't meant to be together, but we might see each other from time to time at a restaurant.

That is, until one afternoon I got an undeniable craving for white sausage gravy. It was irresistable. I posted to my online friends in hopes of getting a good recipe, but it seems that many of them were as lost as I was as to how to make sausage gravy, although I got some excellent recipes for brown gravy. So, my second line of attack after my friends when it comes to cooking is always I perused several recipes, still intimidated and unsure of my ability to produce an edible gravy until I found Bill's Sausage Gravy.

Oh. My. Gosh. I was in hog heaven (pardon the pun☺). This recipe is easy and delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And, guess what? I can make sausage gravy! Who knew?