Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life Gets in the Way

So, it's been a while... Something like a year! *embarrassed* Life sometimes gets in the way, and I've been in a bit of a cooking/creative rut for a while. But, I picked up my crochet hook recently and have even finished a couple of knitting projects (easy washclothes) over the summer. I am planning out my crocheting/knitting projects for the fall, including my first knitted garment (a sweater for me) and a crocheted amigurumi toy for Malena for Christmas.

Right now, I am plugging away at a baby blanket I started ages ago... It looked like this a few weeks ago.
I've added about 20 more rows since this picture was taken (each row of color represents 2 rows), so I've aproximately doubled the size from what is shown here, but I am still less than halfway done. It's a boring pattern to work, but it will be a beautiful finished project when I am done.

I shall be more diligent about posting here in the future, not that anyone is reading! LOL! It is, however, a nice way to chronicle my daily life and creative achievements;).